Arquipelago de Origem:
Data da Peça:
1775-00-00 00:00:00
Data de Publicação:
Capt. Skinner
Chegada ao Arquipélago:
2004-05-02 00:00:00
Proprietário da Peça:
Rui Carita
Proprietário da Imagem:
Rui Carita
Autor da Imagem:
Rui Carita
Planta do Funchal, Comandante Skinner, 1775, ilha da Madeira

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Planta do Funchal do Capt. Skinner, 1775.
Cópia de pormenor da planta de William Johnston, ed. Londres, 1791.
Colecção Rui Carita, Funchal.

Geo-Hydrographic Survey of the Isle of Madeira with the Dezertas and Porto Santo Islands geometrically taken in the year 1788. By William Johnston Esq[ui]r[e]. This Chart drawn from actual Surveys taken with the Permission of His Excellency Don Diego Perreira Forjas Coutinho, Knight of the Order of Christ, Governor General and Commander in Chief of the Island of Madeira and Porto Santo &c. &c. &c. a discerning and liberal Promoter of every useful improvement in Science. Is respectfully dedicated To the Right Honourable John Henry Petty Earl Wycombe in testimony of the high consideration in which His Lordship is held by His Lordship's most humble and faithful humble Servant William Johnston of Madeira.